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Studio Policies

Policies and Agreement Sept 2023 - Aug 2024

Scheduling Policy

Lesson Schedule and Fees:  The lesson schedule follows the school year from September to June. 


Statutory Holidays & Spring Break: Lessons that fall on statutory holidays will be scheduled on a different day that week. There will be no lessons during school breaks unless otherwise arranged with Yvonne and there will be no charge for lessons during these times.


Summer Term:  Tuition for the summer program is paid separately upon registration in June. 
All students are strongly encouraged to schedule at least four lessons over the summer, which helps to ensure that they keep up their skills over the break.
 Any students taking an RCM piano or theory exam in August must have weekly lessons until their exam.


Recommended Lesson Time: I recommend a 30-minute piano lesson up to age ten and a 45-minute lesson if a student has progressed quickly. A 60-minute lesson is required once exam work starts or for students who wish to explore various piano styles.

Required Materials: Students must have a piano or equivalent keyboard to practice daily. A piano must be tuned and maintained regularly. A keyboard must have 88 keys and be fully weighted with hammer action keys. A metronome (or an app with a metronome feature) is also required. An tablet or computer with Zoom is required. Books are ordered and paid for by the student. I will let you know which books are required to give you time to procure them. 


Practicing: I structure the student's practice; the role of parents is to provide time and space. Teaching students to practice and use their time productively is one of my most vital skills. Focusing and following instructions is a developed skill that takes time. Practice times vary and are dependent on attention span and growth. Until the attention span grows, I suggest two shorter daily practice times. 

Missed Lesson Policy: If a student misses a lesson without at least 24 hours' notice, I will not make up the lesson. If the student provides sufficient notice, I will place them on a cancellation list for a makeup lesson. In the event I need to cancel a student's lesson, I will make up the lesson.

Tardiness Policy: When you register in my studio, you are entitled to your reserved time. You will receive the remainder of your time slot if you are late for your lesson. I will not make up missed time due to lateness.

Online Lessons: All lessons are online. Lessons are on Zoom as it is a secure platform and free. I take notes during the lesson and forward them to you. Please print these out or ensure that the student has access to them on a computer while practicing. 

Parental Involvement: Parents are only encouraged to sit in on lessons if the very young student is present. If a parent wants feedback or a progress report, they may request a phone call or an email from me.

Tuition Policy

Tuition is paid monthly and is due on the 1st day of the month. I send email reminders the last week of every month with the amount due. Overdue accounts are charged a $10 administration fee per month. 

Monthly Tuition Per Student

(based on a 4-week month, extra will be charged for months with 5 weeks)

30 minutes: $140       45 minutes: $180       60 minutes: $240

Withdrawal Notice


If withdrawing from the studio, notice must be given at least 28 days before the end of the month. If the student gives less than 28 days notice when withdrawing from the studio, they will not be refunded any unused tuition. This policy applies throughout the year, even during the summer term.

Accepted Methods of Payment

Monthly Payments:  Monthly tuition is due on or before the 1st of each month. Send e-transfers to

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